Test Maps

This collection of images were some of our first maps we have produced.

LGL Maps

Current Map:
2048x2048 Colored 2D Image
Raw LGL data
You can view these maps with LGL View the LGL Java viwer (requires JRE >= 1.4.1).
To view this map in the LGL View, download these files and open them with LGL View (has problems in Windows, works great in Linux):
  • LGL File
  • LGL Coords
  • Edge Color File
  • Sun Nov 23 22:03:42 PST 2003
    This was our first full Internet map with color and other graphing logic. RFC1918 addresses have been hashed into a unique checksum so they do not incorrectly overlap with other routers or hosts. The checksums resolve to the same host each time to be sure that all routes connect correctly. Another bit of code also removed the routing loops that made a rather large mess out of previous maps. The colors were based on Class A allocation of IP space too different registrars in the world.

    Asia Pacifica - Red
    Europe/Middle East/Central Asia/Africa - Green
    North America - Blue
    Latin American and Caribbean - Yellow
    RFC1918 IP Addresses - Cyan
    Unknown - White

    View this in VRML
    If you have a very high-end system you can try the VRML:
    Internet VRML (wrl 33 MB)

    Past/testing LGL Maps:

    LGL Output with only vertices.LGL Output with vertices and IDs

    Testing Images:

  • Here is a large VRML (wrl) of the entire Internet. This requires a VRML browser and a massive CPU right click here to download the wrl
  • A small VRML map here
  • Our first color RFC1918 corrected map (with very bad spacing)

  • The Internet w/out corrected RFC1918 nodes and no color.
  • Sample 3 - 1600 routes
  • Sample 3 - Level3's Backbone (a zoom of Samp3, above)

    Graphviz Maps

    My test results are rather basic at this time, this project is only about a week old:
  • Test map done on Nov 17 2003
  • 1/5th of the Internet (12/Nov/2003)
  • 1/13th of the Internet (1 Million blocks)
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