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To support this project, we have decided for the first time to sell limited edition prints of the images. The print is laid out similar to the installation at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.  The image on the left is the Internet in 2003, and the right  is the Internet in 2010.  They are printed on aluminum with a .25 inch metal frame backing. The metallic print gives them a rich color using special coating, which allows us to infuse dyes directly into the surface, creating a beautiful depth and vibrance.

The 40×60 inch images are signed and numbered, limited to a run of only 100 prints.  The item number during the purchase will denote which print number you receive.

They are shipped in a large custom wooden box to prevent dents.

Each print is priced at $2,500 USD + shipping & tax

Shipping and lead time is about 3 weeks. Once you have please your order via PayPal you will be contacted within 3 business days with an update on the order.

Why are the limited edition prints so expensive?

For one, they cost about $1000 to create. After they are printed in Los Angeles they are shipped to Northern California for signing and then re-shipped to you. Secondly, the sale of the 100 limited edition prints was to raise enough money to further the project without having to ship thousands of prints.

Once the limited edition prints are sold, we will have resources to deal with additional prints, new images, and lower cost options for everyone.

Meanwhile, if you really want a print of the image, and it’s for non-commercial use, you’re welcome to use the image free-of-cost and print your own.




The Opte Image has always been free for non-commercial purposes and is covered under the creative commons license. The image is open to be shared, however we are asking for a license fee to use it for commercial purposes. This fee/donation will go toward the growth of the project and help the images become more articulate. We are using Paypal to process the donations. Once the donation is accepted, you will receive an approval email within 24 to 48 hours which will contain consent to use the images produced by the project.

Licenses are available to anyone with the exception of the National Geographic Society and any subsidiary of the National Geographic Society due to infringement of the work.

To make licensing simple, we are offering a single one-time flat rate of $300.

Attribution is required: Barrett Lyon / The Opte Project

For more information, email, or simply purchase the license using the “buy now” link below.

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